Hillman i.d. Spot Pet Tag Kiosk

Engraving kiosk provides custom-engraved pet tags


Client Objective 2

Client Objective

Hillman Group needed an engraving machine kiosk that allowed pet owners to instantly create their own affordable, custom-engraved pet tags.

The Solution


Standalone system provides a convenient ordering process

Available at retailers nationwide, the i.d. Spot pet tag kiosk utilizes an easy-to-use video touch screen and computer-driven engraver to provide a convenient process for customers looking to purchase a unique pet tag on the spot.

i.d. Spot pet tag kiosk

The Design


Self-service kiosk offers a variety of tag and design options

The self-service pet tag kiosk has merchandisers on both sides to hold 48 SKUs of blank tags, ensuring shoppers have a variety of design options. After a customer chooses a tag, he or she can watch through the clear plastic window as the engraver works its way across the top surface of the metal, bringing to life the pet’s name on the tag.

Dog with a pet tag

i.d. Spot Pet Tag Kiosk Features

i.d. Spot Pet Tag Kiosk Features

Custom Options

Customers can create their own custom-engraved pet I.D. tags instantly.

Computer-Driven Dog Tag Engraving

The kiosk houses a computer-driven engraver that works to customize blank tags for shoppers.

Product Variety

The in-store kiosk can display up to 48 SKUs of blank tags.

hillman pet id tag kiosk

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Please note: Frank Mayer manufactured the i.d. Spot kiosk for The Hillman Group and does not sell the unit. Retailers looking to order a kiosk for their store must reach out to The Hillman Group directly at: info@hillmangroup.com.

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