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Loyalty Gaming Kiosks

Loyalty kiosks complement the arcade environment


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

Dave & Buster’s sought to build upon their ability to offer ticketless rewards points by updating an existing loyalty program with new gaming kiosks that fit seamlessly within the arcade’s environment. The colorful and brightly-lit units were part of a multi-kiosk program sent to locations nationwide.

The Design


Arcade kiosks offer easy self-service options

The program has both a Power Card kiosk and a Loyalty Reward kiosk that offer different self-service capabilities to guests. The Power Card unit dispenses Power Cards, recharges loyalty cards, adds funds, and checks a gamer’s earnings balance. The kiosk was designed to accept and dispense cash as well as process credit card transactions. The Loyalty Reward unit lets guests register their power cards and receive promotional emails and bonus points.

dave and busters kiosks

The Solution


Solutions for various configuration possibilities

For locations where the loyalty kiosks cannot be stationed along a perimeter wall, Frank Mayer developed a unique monitor riser that attaches with bolts to predetermined points on the kiosks. The monitor can then be centered above a single kiosk or installed between two based on the number of entertainment kiosks and the configuration at each site.
dave and busters kiosk

Loyalty Kiosk Features

Loyalty Kiosk Features

Gaming Aesthetic

Arcade kiosks were designed to look like a game to match the environment.

Security Features

Powder-coated metal structure has built-in alarm system to provide maximum security and durability.

LED Backlit Riser

An extended header differentiates Loyalty Rewards kiosks from the Power Card kiosks and calls out messaging to enroll for free.

Dave and Busters blue and orange kiosk

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father and child using a dave and busters kiosk


Arcade kiosks provide interactive solutions for family gaming fun.

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Automotive kiosks are designed to aid car sale processes.

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