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Self-Service Kiosks



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Self-service kiosks allow users to make purchases, pay bills, check in, navigate your location, and much more. Whether you need a cost-effective standard enclosure or a tailor-made design, we have a solution to match the requirements of your self-service kiosk program.


Standard, Custom, or Outdoor Kiosks.

Which is Right For You?

Standard, Custom, or Outdoor Kiosks. Which is Right For You?

Your objectives will determine whether a standard, custom, or outdoor self-service kiosk is the right fit. If you're looking for a quick-to-market option with minimal customization, a standard digital kiosk will save you time and money. Alternatively, if you have a project that requires unique design or will be placed outside, explore our custom and outdoor capabilities.

Standard Kiosks

Standard kiosks save time and money in design and engineering hours, giving your program a head start toward deployment. Explore digital kiosk designs suitable for any industry in our full line of standard self-service solutions.

Custom Kiosks

Often, businesses need special features, functionality, or design to implement a tailored self-service strategy. For decades, we've been a trusted self-service kiosk manufacturer for notable brands. Learn more about what a customized self-service project looks like, and explore past programs we've developed.

Georgia Aquarium kiosks on display

Showtime Pictures

Concession kiosks offer exciting photography services to attractions across the nation

kiosk in an amazon store

Amazon Hub Locker Kiosks

Retail kiosks in Amazon Hub Locker locations let customers fulfill orders and process returns.

Approach Outdoor Kiosk

Outdoor Kiosks

Secure, weather-resistant outdoor kiosks are specially engineered to stand up to the elements 24/7. Read more about this option and why it could be the outdoor solution you're looking for.

Kiosk Industries and Applications

It's no surprise that every customer-facing industry has embraced the advantages of self-service. In addition, touchscreen kiosks are being used across multiple applications, from bill payment to check-in and beyond. Consider how interactive self-service machines can serve the unique needs of your market.

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