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Warehouse kiosks streamline and digitize employee processes


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

MacGregor Partners, a leading software and consulting company focused on logistics and warehouse management and recently acquired by Accenture, was looking to add self-service driver kiosks to its M.Folio software deployment options. The software digitizes shipping documentation like bills of lading, packing lists, and commercial invoices.

The Solution


Document Kiosks That Streamline Workflows

The M.Folio Driver Kiosks provide self-service check-in and printing functions to drivers submitting shipping documents at warehouse locations. The warehouse kiosks replace face-to-face check-in, increasing safety and redeploying security guards, shipping clerks, and office staff to other tasks. The digital paperwork also increases cost savings, provides real-time data, and eliminates the need for filing and storing documents.

woman engaging with a driver self-service kiosk


The Design 2

The Design

A Contactless Solution that Powers a Digital Workflow

The driver document kiosk needed to provide myriad functions for drivers unloading and picking up from warehouse sites. The kiosk includes a 22-inch touch screen, barcode scanner, driver license scanner, document scanner, web cam, and printer for drivers who require paperwork.

Warehouse Kiosk Features

Warehouse Kiosk Features

Multi-Document Scanner

A document scanner lets drivers upload paperwork directly into the software.

Virtual Assistance Option

A webcam, speakers, and microphone can be used for virtual assistance when necessary.

Driver License Scanner

A special scanner paired with custom software lifts pertinent details from a driver's license for record-keeping.

Mac Gregor M Folio Kiosk example

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