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DMV Registration Kiosks

Registration kiosks help with motor vehicle transactions


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) developed and continues to provide customer service kiosks for DMV branches with systems capable of processing a variety of essential tasks unique to the motor vehicle registration industry.

The Benefits


Benefits of DMV kiosks

DMV self-service kiosks decrease wait times and improve employee satisfaction, while customers can access them at non-DMV sites for more convenient hours and locations. Read more about how the DMV kiosks enhance user convenience.

a man using a dmv self service kiosk

The Solution


ITI's customer service kiosks can process the following:

  • Vehicle registration renewal certificates and decals
  • Duplicate vehicle registration certificates and decals
  • Driver license renewals
  • Driver history records
  • Insurance reinstatements
  • Motor Carrier International Registration Plan (IRP) and IFTA payments
a woman using a dmv self service kiosk
wall mounted kiosks at bmv connect

DMV Kiosks Offer Convenience at 24-hour Bureau of Motor Vehicles Location

The Pine Valley Self-Service Office, also known as the BMV Connect Center, in Fort Wayne, Indiana is an innovative office model that grants customers access to motor vehicle services 24/7. Outside of the normal services offered by other ITI DMV kiosks, these wall units also provide full document scanning, image capture for potential ID issuance, and more. Read additional details about the BMV Connect Self-Service location here.

DMV Self-Service Kiosk Features

DMV Self-Service Kiosk Features

LED Lighting

Attractive lighting around the kiosk draws attention at public places.

Registration Services

From vehicle registration to license renewals, the customer service kiosks can handle multiple DMV-related tasks.

Payment Options

Most DMV kiosks can process cash or credit payments, making it convenient for users.

DMV Kiosk example

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