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Loyalty Program Kiosk

Rewards kiosks give customers easy access to loyalty perks


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

Shell sought to promote their Shell Fuel Rewards® program and encourage motorists to sign up through a quick and easy solution. They partnered with Frank Mayer to produce gas station kiosks that would increase the number of new registrations.

The Solution


Loyalty program kiosks for reward card activation

Constructed as both a freestanding kiosk and countertop unit, the Shell Fuel Rewards® kiosk incorporated a mag-stripe reader for customers to register and activate their loyalty cards right at the self-service kiosk. With convenience store space at a premium, the design had to be flexible for footprint and for ease of placement.

Countertop kiosk unit example

The Results


Rewards kiosk resulted in significant new card registrations

More than 2,000 rewards kiosks were produced and deployed to Shell stores nationwide. Program results were successful, with more than 100,000 new customers registering for the Shell Fuel Rewards® program after the gas station kiosks launched.

self service kiosk with collateral holder

Rewards Kiosk Features

Rewards Kiosk Features

Freestanding and Counter Options

The program consisted of both floor and countertop kiosks.

Tablet Security

The kiosk is engineered so the top can be unlocked and hinged forward, allowing access to the tablet inside.

Branding Options

The unit was designed with options for graphics and literature, ensuring any messaging or branding was visible.

Excentus kiosk example

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