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Health Screening Kiosks

Health-screening stations offer free assessments for users


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

The SoloHealth Station® from Pursuant Health sought to provide users with an interactive, self-service health screening kiosk that was both free and offered convenient access to healthcare tests. The station needed to be wheelchair accessible and fit into a standard retail end cap while also meeting all FDA certifications as a Class II Medical Device and pass UL safety testing.

The Solution


Empowering customers to take their health into their own hands

Health check kiosks provide free screenings for vision, blood pressure, weight and body mass index and helped connect consumers to local professionals through their databases. Being a cloud-based platform, the station offered highly-personalized, targeted and interactive opportunities for consumers, advertisers, and retailers by placing health kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering integration across a multi-platform ecosystem complete with digital signage, Internet, mobile and social media.

The health screening kiosks utilized technology that allowed for flexibility to make changes remotely and quickly, ensuring services could be easily expanded for consumers and advertising partners.

woman using a solo health station

The Results


Benefits of health screening kiosks

With more than 3,700 health kiosks deployed nationwide to well-known big box retailers and pharmacies, engagement was high. Customers spent an average 4.5 minutes per session at the health-screening stations while brands benefited from the target on-screen messaging that reached health-conscious users.

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solo health kiosk in a clinic

Health Check Kiosk Features

Health Check Kiosk Features

Medical Device

Produced under ISO 13485:2003: Certified for Health and Wellness Kiosk that is classified as an FDA Class II Medical Device.

Health Assessments

The health screening station provided assessments for weight and body mass index, blood pressure, vision screening, and more.


The kiosk was certified to UL Standard 60601-1 (Medical Device) and meets ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessibility.

solo health kiosk

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