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Locker Kiosks

Locker kiosks provide customers with easy order fulfillment and return options


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

In conjunction with its pickup program, Amazon sought to update existing pickup kiosks used at Amazon college campus locker locations on or near select university campuses. As a result, the e-commerce giant partnered with Frank Mayer to create a more efficient self-service lobby kiosk design for students to retrieve packages and start returns.

The Design


Order kiosks strategically designed to match aesthetics and offer convenience

Frank Mayer value-engineered the order kiosks to align with specific design and field functionality objectives. Primarily constructed of wood with orange metal bar accents, the kiosks boasted a sleek look with clean lines, bright colors and 15” touchscreens while also offering convenient printers for return labels. The lobby kiosks’ small footprints mean the units took up little real estate at busy sites.

Amazon campus kiosks

The Solution


Self-Service Kiosk Technology

Amazon’s pickup locations afforded busy customers a convenient neighborhood hub to retrieve orders in lockers or organize a return. The lobby kiosks were specifically used to:

  • Print shipping labels for returns
  • Connect with Amazon Customer Service
  • Retrieve information regarding in-bound and delivered Amazon shipments
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Locker Kiosk Features

Locker Kiosk Features

Pickup Program

Students used kiosks to retrieve packages or start the return process.

Matched Branded Aesthetic

Primarily made of wood, the locker kiosks were designed with orange metal bar accents to complement Amazon branding.

Printing Feature

Kiosks offered printing capabilities for return shipping labels

*Photography by Stephanie Perez

a single amazon kiosk example

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