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Our Process

Every project benefits from the full scope of our services.

Every project benefits from the full scope of our services.

Step 1



Team Approach

Every program that comes through our doors is assigned a special team made up of an account executive, estimator, designer, artist, engineer, model maker, and program manager. Their collective experience, coupled with client input, ensures the process is straightforward with an emphasis on communication, creativity, and expertise.

group of people ideating around the table

Step 2


Retail Display Designer

Design and Engineering

Designing in-store merchandising displays and interactive kiosks takes industrial design knack, and our designers, engineers, and estimators have a firm grasp of industry practices and trends while also staying budget-conscious. Their proficiency means your program will capture attention as well as meet any retailer or ADA requirements.

Step 3




Our model shop and art team can replicate virtually any manufacturing process to create prototypes, small runs, or realistic foam core designs for client evaluation and market testing. Seeing a full-scale model of your project can provide specific insight before production, allowing you to interact with certain features and envision the user experience. Here's a small sampling of our abilities:

  • Vacuum forming
  • 3D printing
  • CNC cutting
  • Custom paint colors (color matching)
  • Full-scale foam core mock-ups
Birds eye view of kiosk development

Step 4


MAWD warehouse forklift

Production and Distribution

Midwest Assembly, Warehouse & Distribution (MAWD) is our 500,000-square-foot facility that handles all assembly, production, warehousing, and distribution needs. The center can handle multiple assembly lines, including large-scale program rollouts and volume needs for retailers nationwide. Learn more about our sister company MAWD and its services.

Step 5




Whether you're seeking technical help, require warranty information, or want to order replacement parts, we have a support team to assist you with questions, concerns, and needs.

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