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Outdoor Kiosks

A kiosk solution built to weather the elements


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Not your average kiosk, outdoor solutions require careful design and engineering to withstand outside environments while not sacrificing the user experience. From specialty touch screen monitors to compression locks, outdoor digital kiosks have unique features that enhance their durability and use.

Approach kiosk in outdoor environment

Main Features of an Outdoor Kiosk

Weather Resistant
Outdoor touchscreen kiosks are engineered to be water resistant and withstand elements like rain, snow, and wind. Learn what makes an outdoor kiosk waterproof.

Rust Prevention
Instead of a standard kiosk enclosure made from mild steel or aluminum, outdoor kiosk enclosures are commonly made of stainless steel with an outdoor-rated powder-coating to prevent rust.

Sunlight Readable Screens
Standard touchscreens won't work for outdoor environments because of sunlight glare. High Brightness Touch Screen Monitors with PCAP Touch Panels, Sunlight Readable Displays, UV Reflection Film, and Anti-Reflective Coating are essential for outdoor units.

Depending on your kiosk's location, it may require ventilation or Heating & Cooling Units (HVACs) to regulate internal temperatures and ensure kiosk components stay within their operating range.

Because outdoor kiosks are typically unmanned, they often need additional security measures to prevent vandalism or theft if the kiosk accepts cash.

Outdoor Kiosk Solutions

Outdoor kiosk at business

Approach Outdoor

Frank Mayer's Approach Outdoor kiosk design resembles the standard Approach 32 kiosk, but with outdoor-rated peripherals and a sturdier enclosure to withstand elements. For more information, download the Approach Outdoor spec sheet.

Check-in outdoor kiosk

Outpost Outdoor

The Outpost outdoor interactive kiosk boasts a 22-inch monitor and, like the Approach Outdoor, features a built-in flush mounted HVAC system and digital thermostat to keep internal temperatures in the ideal range for electronics. For more information, download the Outpost Outdoor spec sheet.

Omni Outdoor

The Omni Outdoor kiosk is a budget-friendly outdoor self-service solution. The kiosk is cost-effective with a smaller enclosure and a 15” monitor. For more information, download the Omni Outdoor spec sheet.

3 Top Questions asked about Outdoor Kiosks


Are Outdoor Kiosks More Expensive?

In a word, yes.

Are Outdoor Kiosks More Expensive? In a word, yes.

But for good reason! Indoor kiosks aren't made to survive extreme temperatures or omit glare from sunlight. Investing in a weather-resistant enclosure with outdoor-rated peripherals, heating and cooling components, and special touch screens is crucial to ensure your kiosk delivers a quality self-service experience for a long time. Read more about outdoor kiosk costs here.

As a reputable outdoor kiosk manufacturer, we're budget-conscious without sacrificing quality. Let our kiosk experts help you plan your next outdoor retail kiosk program.

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It’s no surprise that every customer-facing industry has embraced the advantages of self-service.

In addition, exterior kiosks are being used across multiple applications, from bill payment to check-in and beyond. These specialized units include features that offer robust protection against the elements. Consider how interactive kiosks can serve the unique needs of your market, then get in touch with us to find out what makes us a leading outdoor kiosk manufacturer in today’s marketplace.

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