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Customer Service Kiosks

AI technology powers customer service kiosks at government buildings and courthouses


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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

ARS Connect, the technology company behind a new, state-of-the-art AI workforce platform, partnered with Frank Mayer on a self-service AI kiosk aimed at providing customer service solutions for courts, government facilities, and businesses.

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The Technology


The future of avatar courthouse technology

The courthouse kiosk’s innovative technology provides customizable customer support for visitors, answering frequently asked questions like how to pay a parking ticket or where to go for jury duty. The process is simple. As constituents enter a building, they’re greeted by an on-screen avatar, who provides a friendly, face-to-face connection. The avatar is pre-programmed to answer a wide array of questions, while a remote agent can also be called via live support to assist with any complex queries. A motion sensor, camera, and microphone enable the AI kiosk to recognize and communicate with a person.

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The Solution


Fill support needs with customer service kiosks

The technology has generated interest from many businesses looking to redirect employees from wayfinding and information assistance to more complex tasks. Currently, the program has been implemented at the Akron, OH courthouse, with more customer service kiosks being launched at state facilities nationwide.

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Courthouse Kiosk Features

Courthouse Kiosk Features

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor enables the AI kiosk to recognize when it's being approached.

Camera and Microphone

Using the camera and microphone features, live support from remote employees is available for visitors who need extra help.

AI Technology

Innovative courthouse technology software shows visitors an on-screen avatar who can help address questions.

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