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Client Objective 2

Client Objective

Showtime Pictures, a respected name in photo concessions that provides photography services to attractions across the nation, partnered with Frank Mayer to manufacture wall mounted entertainment kiosks for the Georgia Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium Feature Overview

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The Solution


Facial Recognition Technology Kiosks

Instead of manning the location with extra staff, the company’s objective was to utilize museum kiosks equipped with high-definition cameras and facial recognition technology to identify and pull up images of visitors exploring the aquarium. The visitor kiosks not only needed sophisticated cameras and facial recognition technology, but also required large touchscreens, barcode scanners, and payment devices for guests to purchase photo packages. In addition, the photo concession kiosks had to meet ADA requirements.

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Georgia aquarium wall kiosks

The Design


A Wall Kiosk to Preserve Space

To maintain floorspace, Showtime Pictures opted for a variation of Frank Mayer’s wall mounted kiosk and designed the unit with LED lights to give a soft glow that matches the aquarium’s aesthetic. The innovative program has proven popular, and the company has expanded the tourist kiosks to more popular attractions across the nation.

Photo Concession Kiosk Features

Photo Concession Kiosk Features

LED Lights

LED lights give a soft glow to match the aquarium's aesthetic.

Wall Mounted

The wall mounted kiosk preserves floor space.

Facial Recognition Technology

Sophisticated cameras and facial technology pulls up images of visitors exploring the museum.

Kiosk example for Georgia Aquarium

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