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Approach Wall Mounted Kiosk

approach wall mounted kiosk machine

A slim wall mount kiosk solution

Wall mounted kiosks save space without sacrificing the quality or features of a larger unit. Durable and sleek, they maximize your floor space with an attractive solution that provides a wide variety of self-service transactions.

Enhance your customer’s experience by tailoring it to your needs. The Approach Wall self-service kiosk is easily configured to deliver the functionality you’ve been seeking in a smart design.


Approach Wall Mounted Kiosk Features

  • Touchscreen
    All-in-one PCAP or open-frame PCAP display with small form factor Windows/Android PC
  • Dimensions
    Height: 49.5 inches
    Width: 23.5 inches
    Depth: 6.5 inches
  • Optional
    Client supplied EMV
    2D Barcode scanner
    Assistive technology
    Web camera
    Thermal printer
    Customizable graphics
    Software integration
  • Kiosk Customization
    Removable Magnetic Graphics
    Unlimited Color Options
    Match Your Business Branding and Style
    Optional Hardware
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Approach Wall Mounted Kiosk
white approach wall kiosk
Black approach wall kiosk
cool gray approach wall kiosk
cool gray approach wall kiosk
red approach wall kiosk
dark blue approach wall kiosk
yellow approach wall kiosk
green approach wall kiosk

Kiosk Customization

From removeable magnetic graphics and optional hardware to unlimited color options, kiosks can be customized to match your business branding and style.

See a sampling of popular color choices

It’s no surprise that every customer-facing industry has embraced the advantages of self-service.

In addition, kiosks are being used across multiple applications, from bill payment to check-in and beyond. Consider how interactive kiosks can serve the unique needs of your market.

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