Top Kiosk and Display Articles from 2023

2 minutes
Katie Kochelek

Top Kiosk and Display Articles from 2023

2 minutes
Katie Kochelek

When the Frank Mayer marketing team sat down at the beginning of 2023, we discussed the kind of value we wanted to offer our web visitors, clients, and partners. This led to a bigger conversation surrounding the content this audience would find most useful.

With help from our sales team, we dove deeper into the questions we hear every day from our kiosk and display customers. And over the course of last year, we sought to address many of these top inquiries through helpful articles, eBooks, and more.

Below, you’ll find our most popular blog posts from 2023. These articles cover everything from kiosk prototypes and outdoor enclosures to the design process for retail displays.

Regardless of if you’re in the market for a self-service solution or need a custom display to showcase your product at retail, we think there’s a little bit of everything on the list for businesses looking to enhance their customer connections. Happy reading!

  1. The Life Expectancy of a Kiosk
    Discover the factors that influence a kiosk’s lifespan, including use frequency, material quality, and much more.

  2. The Importance of Kiosk Prototypes
    Delve into the crucial role kiosk prototypes play in a self-service kiosk program as well as what a client can expect to learn from the process.

  3. Self-Service Kiosk Program Checklist
    Here, find a handy checklist to address key questions when planning your next kiosk program.

  4. What Makes an Outdoor Kiosk Waterproof
    Learn how outdoor kiosks safeguard internal electronics from rain and moistures with welded seams and gaskets.

  5. Do Outdoor Kiosks Require Heating and Cooling?
    HVAC systems for outdoor kiosks ensure optimal performance and longevity in varying climates. Read more about why outdoor enclosures require heating and cooling.

  6. The Powder Coating Process for Kiosks and Displays
    From enhanced durability to color and texture options, discover the benefits powder coating offers for kiosks and displays.

  7. Enhancing Design and Testing with Kiosk Bench Kits
    Kiosk bench kits streamline design, development, and user testing for custom kiosk projects. Determine which type of test kit is right for your program.

  8. Understanding Cash Kiosks
    Unlock the potential of cash kiosks for transactions and discover the benefits they provide for both businesses and customers.

  9. What is the Design Process for Retail Displays
    What goes into designing effective retail displays? From common questions to prototypes and more, understand the steps involved in retail display design.

  10. Showcasing and Securing Products on Your Retail Display
    Explore effective point of purchase display options to ensure your merchandise is displayed securely and safely at retail.

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