Enhancing Design and Testing with Kiosk Bench Kits

3 minutes
Katie Kochelek
kiosk bench kit

Enhancing Design and Testing with Kiosk Bench Kits

3 minutes
Katie Kochelek
kiosk bench kit

A kiosk bench kit, or test kit, is a set of components or hardware that allows for the assembly, testing, or maintenance of a self-service kiosk. Bench kits are commonly used in the beginning stages of designing and developing a custom or semi-custom kiosk solution.

Below, we detail the purposes of assembling a kiosk bench kit, the two most common types, and what to consider when selecting the right test kit for your program.

Why Use a Kiosk Bench Kit?

There are two main reasons to assemble a bench kit.

Software Development
Even with software development kits (SDKs), it’s useful for development teams to have a set of hardware components to test everything from application integration to errors caused by hardware failure. It’s also important to design and properly format the user interface to fit the intended interactive display being used in the kiosk. Ironing out any kinks early in the process can ensure there won’t be issues with software integration on the kiosk during the final phases.

User Acceptance Testing
This use can be for both hardware and software testing. In lieu of having a completed kiosk unit built, a bench kit can be a quick way to test the solution with a live transaction to eliminate program errors and guarantee usability.

Types of Kiosk Bench Kits

When planning a kiosk test kit, there are typically two options.

Component Set
A component set is simple. All the electronic components that will be integrated into a kiosk are set on a tabletop completely untethered. Component sets are cost-effective and ideal for early-stage development when certain kiosk features are still being vetted.

Fabricated Bench Kit
This refers to a kit that includes a structure or skeleton frame where all the electronic components being integrated into the kiosk are mounted and positioned in their intended fixed location. Fabricated bench kits are ideal for customers to test usability with component placement and for software developers to create onscreen images on how to interact with the kiosk.

What to Consider when Selecting a Bench Kit Type

Two factors can influence which type of kiosk test kit is right for your needs.

The total cost of the component set is simply the price of the devices themselves, whereas a fabricated bench kit includes material and labor cost to build the frame and mount the devices. In some cases, software developers may already have a common component being used, like a barcode scanner or receipt printer, also helping to lower the cost of the kits.

Component sets can be drop shipped from suppliers in a matter of days, making the lead times advantageous to the client. Fabricated bench kits can be manufactured in two to four weeks, depending on the complexity. Knowing your timeframe may impact which option you choose.


Kiosk bench kits are a simple way for companies to work out any problems early in the design process. Whether you choose to use a component set or integrate them into a fabricated frame, kiosk bench kits can play an integral part in the design and development of a kiosk solution. They can ensure that every step of the development process is tested, conforms to the intended design, and will pass user acceptance testing prior to production.

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