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Retail self-service kiosks enhance your customers' buying experience and support your omni-channel strategies. Store kiosks increase brand awareness, offer product information, and much more.

digital kiosk in a clothing boutique

Benefits of Interactive Retail Kiosks:

  • Nurture Brand Loyalty: Build a relationship between your brand and customers with loyalty programs, surveys, and a customized in-store kiosk experience.
  • Capitalize on Endless Aisle Sales: With an endless aisle retail self-service kiosk, you won't risk losing a sale because the color, size, or style of an item isn't on the shelf.
  • Modernize the Shopping Experience: Kiosks are an effective tool in targeting today's connected consumer by offering everything from convenience to personalization.

Featured Retail Self-Service Kiosks

As a leading retail kiosk manufacturer, we’ve partnered with many well-known brands. Take a look at some of our work.

automotive kiosk in a dealership

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Custom store kiosks were specifically designed to aid in FCA’s sales process in showrooms nationwide.

amazon kiosks

Amazon Hub Locker Kiosks

Kiosks at Amazon Hub Locker locations let customers fulfill orders and process returns.

Why? Retail Displays

Why Frank Mayer?

Why Frank Mayer?

Bring us your ideas. We’ll bring them to life. Your success is our success, so we take great pride in our end-to-end service solutions that simplify your interactive retail kiosk programs and ensure they meet every objective on your list.

90+ Years in Business

Our decades of history translate to a deep understanding of the unique pain points of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to the emergent brands just rolling out.

500k+ Products Developed

Our projects stem from innovative ideas, smart design, budget-conscious team members, and an ability to partner with and listen to the people who know your brand best – you.

250+ Industry Awards

Our self-service kiosks and retail display projects have received recognition from numerous industry groups.

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