Retail Self-Service Kiosks

Retail Kiosk

Retail is changing, and self-service kiosks keep you ahead of the curve.

Offering kiosks to your customers enhances their buying experience and supports the omnichannel environment shoppers are used to. By providing the interaction of self-service kiosks, you can increase brand awareness, offer educational product information, and much more.

Brand Interaction

Build a relationship between your brand and customers with loyalty programs, surveys, and a customized kiosk experience.

Endless Aisle

With an endless aisle self-service kiosk, you won't risk losing a sale because the color, size, or style they are looking for isn't on the shelf.

Kiosks & Consumers

Kiosks are an effective tool in targeting the modern connected consumer by offering customers everything from convenience to personalization.

HassleLess Mattress In-Store Kiosks

Looking to enhance the look and function of their previous kiosk program, HassleLess Mattress and its digital agency Starkmedia worked with Frank Mayer and Associates to produce new in-store kiosks for locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Because the mattress store showrooms are employee-free, the self-order kiosks serve as an integral part of the customer’s purchasing process. They incorporate 22” touchscreens and run an application that allows customers to order mattresses directly from the kiosk.

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HassleLess Mattress kiosk

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