Retail Displays Remain Relevant

What edge does in-store merchandising have?

Although online shopping may be changing the retail landscape, there’s no substitute for the ability to touch a product before buying.

Although recent retail buzz touts the growth in online commerce, shopping via computer lacks one crucial component: the ability for customers to touch and use a product before buying.

A 2017 survey by industry newsletter Retail Dive indicated that 93 percent of shoppers still visit a physical retail store. Of the 1,425 consumers who took part in the study, 62 percent said they wanted to “see, touch, feel and try out items” before their purchase. In addition, 49 percent said they did so because they wanted to take items home immediately.

Breaking it down further, two-thirds of female shoppers listed the ability to try out items as a deciding factor for shopping in stores versus online, according to Retail Dive, while 59 percent of males based their shopping decision on that ability.

On the other hand, brick-and-mortar locations are under constant pressure to keep costs low, so it’s difficult for them to keep staff on hand to work with customers who would like to experience a product before they buy.

The solution? Read more to find out.

What you will get from this whitepaper:

  • Examples of successful in-store merchandising campaigns
  • Questions to ask when considering a display provider

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