Solutions to Common Challenges When Planning a Visual Merchandising Campaign

Planning a merchandising campaign isn't always for the faint of heart.

We’ve outlined the common challenges as well as providing the solutions.

When strategizing a retail display, store fixture, or shop-in-shop program, one must consider design, engineering, branding, promotions, product placement, store buy-in, distribution and so much more. And that’s all before even knowing what kind of return on investment you’ll see. It can be a cumbersome process for even the most seasoned Visual Merchandising Manager and his or her crew.

Because of this, it’s important to work with a retail display company that uses its experience and expertise to not only deliver an exceptional product, but an exceptional experience as well. A company that can lend first-hand knowledge and advice when navigating all the major steps or little hiccups is key.

Here, we detail four main challenges brands face when planning visual merchandising and retail display campaigns as well as critical solutions to help programs roll out smoothly. You’ll find answers to:

  • Getting the best design without blowing the budget
  • Planning an effective path-to-purchase for your target customer
  • Securing buy-in from the big box stores
  • Short lead times on projects and other unique requirements

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