Planning Retail Display Programs During the Current Supply Chain Crisis

A guide to bringing merchandising displays to market during supply chain woes and increasing costs.

They’re hard to miss today. Headlines about bottlenecks at seaports, labor shortages, and rising material and shipping costs have revealed the snowballing turmoil that is taxing supply chains across industries.

When planning retail display programs, numerous factors have always contributed to design, pricing, lead times, and more. But with news of these recent challenges, conversations surrounding budgets and deadlines take on an added complexity.

While there’s no simple solution to collectively combat increasing expenses and supply chain issues, being armed with information is important for clients to weigh their options when considering a new in-store display program.

Read on for our best practice guide, detailing how being smart about merchandising display design, examining the pros and cons of overseas and domestic production, and understanding the variety of shipping methods available can help keep programs from being derailed.

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