Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare kiosks streamline business operations

From patient check-in systems to payment applications, healthcare kiosks are tools to better serve your patients and relieve staff. 

Our healthcare kiosks integrate with EMR systems used by every type and size of facility – from large hospital groups and small clinics to dental practices and more.

Whether you’re looking to assist in patient registration, offer a secure and convenient option to pay medical bills, or more, self-service solutions are changing the medical landscape.

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Safer Conditions for Staff

Medical check-in kiosks allow less human contact with counter staff who are at greater risk of being exposed to illness.​

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Alleviate Wait Times

Self-service kiosks reduce wait time and allow patients to check in with greater privacy.

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Reduce Errors

Patients control their entry, ensuring name spellings and important data is entered correctly.

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Easy Payment Options

Copays and bills can be paid easily through the self-service kiosk, freeing up counter staff to perform additional tasks or address questions from other patients. ​

Patient Check-in and Payment Application

Emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, dental facilities, senior living, university health centers and more are adding patient check-in and self-service kiosks. 

Kiosks provide:

Healthcare Self-Service Kiosks
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Optional Medical – Grade Panel PC 

Wayfinding Digital Directory Kiosk

Wayfinding kiosks decrease search time at hospitals and clinics

Replace menu boards or information desks with interactive healthcare wayfinding kiosks, and offer patients and visitors the option to quickly look up a doctor’s office or make their way around a hospital campus. Our partnership with Acquire Digital,  a leader in the digital signage solutions industry transforms the way we interact with kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks offer many benefits and can provide assistance to users by providing the following:

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