Displays are part of our DNA.

It all started with Frank G. Mayer in 1931.

Yes, the Frank Mayer. And yes, 1931.

It all began when a 16-year-old Frank G. Mayer rode his bike around his hometown, hand-painting signs on windows – Sunday specials, daily hours, weekly sales. Word of his dependability and hard work spread quickly through town, and it wasn’t long before he had a backlog of signs to paint. 

As his business grew, Frank found his passion as an entrepreneur. After mastering window painting, he developed a screen-printing process that sped up the operation and led to happier clients. He hired additional help, set up shop, and in 1931, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. was officially born.

1958 Cylinder Press
1964 Groundbreaking of the Grafton Frank Mayer Building

Decades passed and Frank G. Mayer continued to leap into innovation. The company pioneered the use of four-color processing in print and evolved into merchandising displays. Frank recognized the emerging technology of kiosks in the 1970s, and the company developed the first game console display for Atari.

In the 80s, Frank’s son, Frank W., took the reins and transformed the company into the next generation of award-winning merchandising and interactive programs. His intuitive thinking and big picture plans led to the addition of a full-service assembly, warehousing, and packing facility along with large scale production capabilities.

Today, Mike Mayer continues to honor his grandfather’s and father’s vision by listening to clients’ needs and employing methods and technologies on the forefront of retail’s future.

That hardworking 16-year-old with a bike and a paintbrush put in the diligence to become a successful business owner, but he never forgot his humble beginnings. He was insistent, as the Mayer family continues to be, that the associates worked with him, not for him. That sentiment is a constant thread through the company culture today.

That is why after 90 years and four generations of Mayers’, we are still Frank Mayer and Associates. “Frank Mayer” because the original Frank’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit still guides the company, and “Associates” because we’re all in this together.

Three Generations of Mayers

And it continues with us today.

We’re proud of our history because it translates to a deep understanding of the unique pain points of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to the emergent brands rolling out for the first time. 

We’re proud to be Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.


Our highest priority is to simplify your merchandising or kiosk project needs by offering end-to-end service solutions.


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We are reinventing the customer connection through innovative retail displays, kiosks and shop-in-shop programs.


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We’re the type who get excited over interactive kiosks and dream up displays in the shower. 

So, what we’re saying is…