Temperature Screening Kiosks

Screen for symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases using temperature kiosks that utilize sophisticated fever-detection technology and customizable health screening questions.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. offers two temperature kiosks with a variety of capabilities to meet your needs.

Which one is right for your business?

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Contactless Temperature Kiosk

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Contactless Temperature Kiosk
Model# WS
*Includes one year of software
Temperature Screening Kiosk
Model# HSW and HSF
*Includes one year of software
Sensor Technology Infrared Infrared
Scan Location Options Wrist Wrist or Forehead
Dimensions 13" x 13" x 50" 19.75" x 6" x 29.25"
Message Alerts
Real-Time Data Reporting
Customizable Compliance Questions
Customizable Digital Messaging
Pass/ Fail Temperature Screening
Badge Reader and Barcode Scanner
Software Allows for Unlocking Doors
Built-in Hand Sanitizer
Adjustable Pedestal
Kiosk touchscreen


Easily monitor employee, student, or visitor temperatures to promote healthy worksites
Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Cost Savings

Automate the screening process with a kiosk and save the cost of paying a dedicated employee


Real-Time Data

Immediate text/ email alerts signal if users are over the temperature threshold

Temperature Screening after COVID-19

COVID-19 has placed greater emphasis on the importance of employee health in the workplace.  Companies will continue to be cognizant of protecting their worksites from communicable illnesses long after the pandemic wanes.  Temperature screening kiosks are an enduring frontline option to identify fevers or concerning symptoms that would require employees to stay home.

Temperature Kiosk Key Fob Scan
Senior Living

Temperature Kiosks for a Variety of Environments

Temperature screening is beneficial for any business looking to allow employee or guest entrance safely. Our temperature kiosks can be programmed to ask health compliance questions for corporations that need more robust screening, or simply offer a pass/fail option for businesses looking for an efficient way to perform quick fever checks. 

Both temperature screening kiosks are suitable for a wide range of industries including senior living, manufacturing, schools, colleges, healthcare, grocers, and more.

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