Self-service kiosk solutions for your next successful interactive program.


Find your market-ready kiosk design in our full line of standard solutions.

Kiosks made in USA

A durable and compact self-service kiosk solution

An interactive kiosk that offers big impact with a small footprint

A freestanding kiosk that delivers an impressive interactive experience

A popular kiosk for all industries with customization capabilities

A slim wall kiosk solution that saves on space

A simple pedestal kiosk that provides all the benefits of self-service

Customer facing cash payment kiosk using a variety of technologies

A self-service kiosk that offers customization and optional technology

Safe patient check-in with easy wheelchair access

Touch screen kiosk that command’s attention in any environment

Easy self-service in a modern kiosk design

We’ll help you reach your goals with user-friendly solutions that are unique to your business

Why Choose a Standard Kiosk?

Speed to Market

We are experts in kiosks, and we have mastered our craft. Our standard kiosk solutions are efficiently designed, produced, and implemented in your space, ready to meet your unique demands.

Cost Effective

Increase service speed/accuracy, reduce miscommunication and human error, and fill labor gaps by allowing employees to focus on preparation-related duties.

Perfect for Any Industry

Our kiosks are all-in-one solutions for every market. Regardless of your company or industry, we are confident there is a standard kiosk solution that will align with your long-term goals.

Custom Kiosks

While standard kiosks are the answer to many objectives, we also know some businesses need a more custom approach. As a leading kiosk manufacturer, we’ve got you covered when you require an original look.

Interactive kiosks for the Georgia Aquarium by Showtime Pictures

Georgia Aquarium Facial Recognition kiosks

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