Bill Payment Kiosks

Extend Convenience with Payment Kiosks

Self-service kiosks provide a fast and secure method for customers to make bill payments in person.

Capable of accepting all forms of payment as well as providing change for cash transactions, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s bill payment solution extends your customer service hours around the clock and seven days a week.

Place in convenient locations, municipalities, utility companies, or any service provider to offer one-stop solutions for customers.

payment kiosks

The Gateway all-in-one bill pay kiosk

The Gateway all-in-one self-service payment kiosk system provides a complete solution to businesses that desire a cash payment option. Customer-facing, the Gateway accepts EMV contactless cards, cash payments, and dispenses exact change – all to reduce human-to-human contact and optimize the customer experience.
BMV kiosks for registration

Payment kiosks can be used for:

DMV offices in multiple states offer customers an easy registration renewal payment option with self-service payment kiosks.

Bill Payment Kiosk

Smart Services Kiosk by Comprise Technologies

A bill payment kiosk designed for the city of Milwaukee.

Looking to update their freestanding Smart Services bill payment kiosk, Comprise Technologies tapped Frank Mayer and Associates to engineer and manufacture a new design for the city of Milwaukee.
Made for multiple markets like government,  education, and utility services, the self-service kiosk pay stations can process any form of payment for services, memberships, fines, and fees. Businesses can utilize the bill payment kiosks to offer convenience and privacy for users while extending hours of operation and freeing up staff for other tasks.  

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