M.Folio Driver Warehouse Kiosks

A self-service kiosk that digitizes the driver check-in and checkout process


Client Objective 2

Client Objective

MacGregor Partners, a leading software and consulting company focused on logistics and warehouse management, was looking to add self-service driver kiosks to its M.Folio software deployment options. The software digitizes shipping documentation like bills of lading, packing lists, and commercial invoices.

The Solution


A Logistics Management Resource That Streamlines Workflows

MacGregor Partners tapped Frank Mayer to design and manufacture the M.Folio Driver Kiosks that provide self-service check-in and printing functions to drivers submitting shipping documents at warehouse locations. The warehouse kiosks replace face-to-face check-in, increasing safety and redeploying security guards, shipping clerks, and office staff to other tasks. The digital paperwork also increases cost savings, provides real-time data, and eliminates the need for filing and storing documents.
woman engaging with a driver self-service kiosk


The Design 2

The Design

A Contactless Solution that Powers a Digital Workflow

The driver document kiosk needed to provide myriad functions for drivers unloading and picking up from warehouse sites. The kiosk includes a 22-inch touch screen, barcode scanner, driver license scanner, document scanner, web cam, and printer for drivers who require paperwork.

Warehouse Kiosk Features

Warehouse Kiosk Features

Multi-Document Scanner

A document scanner lets drivers upload paperwork into the software

Virtual Assistance Option

A webcam, speakers, and microphone can be used for virtual assistance

Driver License Scanner

A special scanner paired with MacGregor's software lifts pertinent details from a driver's license for record-keeping.

Mac Gregor M Folio Kiosk example

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