Freeosk Interactive Sampling Kiosks

In-store kiosks deliver samples to engaged shoppers.

Client Objective


Freeosk, the company behind the nation’s largest network of kiosks that deliver brand samples to consumers, was looking for a new interactive kiosk manufacturer to produce units for an upcoming program
assembly of free sample kiosks

About the Freeosk Program


A Sampling Solution that Drives Results for Brands

Located in major retail stores nationwide, Freeosk provides brands with an easy way to reach curious shoppers through the automated distribution of free samples. Using the Freeosk app (or other unique identifier), customers activate in-store sampling kiosks to receive information, savings, and samples of products. Brands benefit from the exposure and incremental merchandising and stores profit from an increase in sales and category support. Samples are changed weekly through a locked point of entry, and product is then gravity-fed through Freeosk’s patented delivery mechanism.

side view of a free sample kiosk

The Solution


Free Sample Kiosk Functions

Frank Mayer was tasked with re-engineering and prototyping the unit for a new program to be installed at select West Coast Albertsons grocery stores. The fabrication process is robust, with each sampling kiosk requiring a QR code reader, a touchscreen, a motion sensor, and Freeosk’s vending mechanism. In addition, the kiosks are designed with shelving to showcase sample products for convenient purchasing.

close up of the screen on a free sample kiosk

Freeosk Interactive Kiosk Features

Freeosk Interactive Kiosk Features

Remote Access

Freeosk can remotely monitor free sample kiosks to access data on interactions, check for vending issues, and more.

Product Merchandising

Customers have easy access to the featured sample products on the kiosk’s shelves.

QR Reader

Used in conjunction with Freeosk’s app program, the kiosk uses a QR reader to scan a customer’s mobile device and initiate the next step.

Freeosk Kiosk example

The Results


At Convenient Locations Nationwide

This recent program delivers 500 new product sampling kiosks to Freeosk's growing market reach. Visit for more information.

Freeosk with sample merchandise

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