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Bill Payment Kiosks


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Payment kiosks provide a one-stop solution for customers to pay bills in person and at convenient locations. Capable of accepting all forms of payment, self-service payment kiosks extend your customer service hours around the clock and seven days a week.

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Bill Pay Kiosks Can Be Used For:

  • Healthcare – copays and bill payments
  • Education – registration fees and tuition payments
  • Municipal Government – permits and tax bills
  • Public Parking – parking passes
  • Utility Companies - water and electricity bills
  • And More!

Featured Bill Pay Kiosk Solutions

As a leading payment kiosk manufacturer, we’ve partnered with many well-known brands. Take a look at some of our work.

wall kiosks at bmv connect

Department of Motor Vehicles

State and local governments are expanding vehicle registration options for customers with payment kiosk systems at convenient locations.

person using bill payment kiosk for Comprise Technology

Comprise Technologies

Looking to update their freestanding Smart Services payment kiosk machine, we engineered and manufactured a new design for the city of Milwaukee.

Why? Retail Displays

Why Frank Mayer?

Why Frank Mayer?

Bring us your ideas. We’ll bring them to life. Your success is our success, so we take great pride in our end-to-end service solutions that simplify your self-service payment kiosk programs and ensure they meet every objective on your list.

90+ Years in Business

Our decades of history translate to a deep understanding of the unique pain points of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to the emergent brands just rolling out.

500k+ Products Developed

Our projects stem from innovative ideas, smart design, budget-conscious team members, and an ability to partner with and listen to the people who know your brand best – you.

250+ Industry Awards

Our self-service kiosks and retail display projects have received recognition from numerous industry groups.

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