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Client Objectives 2

Client Objectives

Through the years, Frank Mayer has worked with Transitions Optical to engineer and produce in-store demonstrators to showcase the company's photochromic lenses at eye care locations nationwide. The company seeks to inform shoppers about their special technology that causes lenses to adjust the level of tint when exposed to UV light.

The Technology


Countertop display demonstrators showcase benefits of Transition Lenses

Interactive lens demonstrators educate shoppers on the photochromic lens options available through the brand. UV-LED lights in the counter display are used to simulate outdoor UV rays and demonstrate how quickly Transitions lenses adapt to changing light conditions.

Transitions graphite green lens displays

Other Demonstrator Options


Countertop display shows face shields in bright light

Along with lenses for standard eye glasses, the company also makes Transitions light intelligent shields for helmets. Thanks to an interactive UV-LED light countertop display, customers can view how the Transitions adaptive face shield can adjust automatically to account for different lighting environments. The small retail display demonstrates how the face shield goes from clear to very dark when exposed to UV-LED light meant to mimic bright sun.

Transitions optical shield demonstrator display

Interactive Lens Counter Display Features

Interactive Lens Counter Display Features

UV-LED Light

A button on the side prompts a UV-LED light to turn on.

Lens Cards

Different cards house lens samples to showcase the brand's UV-activated technology.

Countertop Display

The demonstrator's small size makes it easy to store, but also accessible during consultations.

Transitions UV LED demonstrator

The Results


Demonstrator displays found nationwide

To date, more than 25,000 Transitions UV-LED demonstrators have been placed in a variety of retail environments, including everything from independent eye care centers to big box retailers.

Transitions Optical display

Other Counter Display Programs

Small displays can still deliver big impact. Below, find counter or shelf displays that do just that.

BRAVEN countertop display

BRAVEN Shelf Display

Drag Specialties reflector headlight countertop display

J.W. Speaker Countertop Display

Nespresso countertop display

Nespresso In-Store Display

Other Counter Display Programs

Small displays can still deliver big impact. Below, find counter or shelf displays that do just that.

Please note: Above are examples of displays Frank Mayer has manufactured for Transitions Optical. Stores looking to order demonstrators must inquire with their Transitions Optical representative. Thank you.

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