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Restaurant Self-Order Kiosks


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Restaurant guests expect convenience, and self-service order kiosks provide just that. Save on labor costs, cut customer wait times, and increase ticket order sizes using self-order kiosks everywhere from quick service restaurants to stadiums and entertainment venues.

worker presenting food in a quick service restaurant
Benefits of Ordering Kiosks:
  • Reduce wait time and congestion: Customers can order quickly and at their convenience, improving the overall checkout experience
  • Improve order accuracy: Food service kiosks remove any possibility of miscommunication and human error
  • Free up employees: Counter employees can now focus on more customer-oriented tasks
  • Higher ticket orders: Ordering kiosks have proven to increase ticket sizes thanks to upsell opportunities and increased customer privacy while ordering
  • A solution to the labor shortage: A dutiful employee, self-order kiosks fill labor gaps and cut back on costs
  • Market-ready software: Powered by self-ordering kiosk software that integrates with multiple POS systems

Featured Food Service Kiosk Solutions

As a leading ordering kiosk manufacturer, we’ve partnered with many well-known brands. Take a look at some of our work.

kiosk at the jaguars stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars

In partnership with software developer GRUBBRR, we manufactured a self-ordering kiosk solution for the stadium's concessions area.

women engaging with quick service restaurant kiosk

The Chicken Shack

With 22 locations across five states, the restaurant chain uses ordering kiosks to eliminate long lines and reassign employees to other tasks.

Why? Retail Displays

Why Frank Mayer?

Why Frank Mayer?

Bring us your ideas. We’ll bring them to life. Your success is our success, so we take great pride in our end-to-end service solutions that simplify your restaurant kiosk programs and ensure they meet every objective on your list.

90+ Years in Business

Our decades of history translate to a deep understanding of the unique pain points of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to the emergent brands just rolling out.

500k+ Products Developed

Our projects stem from innovative ideas, smart design, budget-conscious team members, and an ability to partner with and listen to the people who know your brand best – you.

250+ Industry Awards

Our self-service ordering kiosks and retail display projects have received recognition from numerous industry groups.

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