Restaurant Self Order Kiosks

Save on labor costs and cut your customer’s wait with QSR self-order kiosks.

Guests expect convenience, and self-service technology provides just that. QSR self-order kiosks offer advantages to patrons, employees, and employers in quick service and fast casual restaurants as well as stadiums and entertainment venues. 

Benefits of self-ordering kiosks

  • Reduce wait time and congestion
    Patrons can order at their convenience, and establishments can make greater use of the space available
  • Improve order accuracy
    Remove any possibility of miscommunication and human error
  • Free up employees
    Employees who would otherwise be behind the counter can focus on more customer-oriented tasks
  • Higher ticket orders
    Kiosks have proven to increase order ticket sizes thanks to upsell opportunities and increased customer privacy while ordering.
  • A Solution to the labor shortage
    A dutiful employee, self-order kiosks fill labor gaps and cut back on costs.
  • Market-ready software
    Powered by GRUBBRR’s premier self-ordering software that integrates with multiple POS systems.

Implementing a kiosk program can improve both customer satisfaction and ROI. Get all your kiosk questions answered by the experts.

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Food Lockers – The Future of Order Pickup

Modernize your operation down to every last detail.

Locker pick up

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Powder Coat Options

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Built for Upsells

Predictive technology in self-service kiosk software can suggest additional items a customer may enjoy. Studies show the average order total at a kiosk is 15-20% more than a traditional counter transaction.

customer service

Enhance the Experience

Shifting to a customer-centric purchasing process on a self-service kiosk frees employees to focus on preparation-related duties to increase service speed and accuracy.

Cost savings

A Labor Shortage Solution

Kiosks offer a solution to recent labor shortages by filling roles traditionally assigned to employees, like taking orders, upselling, and accepting payment.

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Benefits of Kiosks in QSR

The key benefits of utilizing self-service kiosks in quick service and fast casual restaurants range from the atmosphere the customer experiences to the profits the business brings in.


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