Short Lead Times and Other Retail Display Requirements

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Katie Kochelek
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Short Lead Times and Other Retail Display Requirements

4 minutes
Katie Kochelek
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“Short Lead Times and Other Retail Display Requirements” is the fourth post in a four-post blog series in which we address common pain points clients face while planning a visual merchandising campaign as well as multiple solutions to address these challenges. Check out the other posts:

In-store display programs and their requirements are far from cookie-cutter. Brands come to the table with unique budgets, specific timeframes, and different warehousing needs for their visual merchandising.

Because of this, retail display companies must have a variety of assets at their disposal to ensure they’re meeting each client’s objectives. Following is a list of common visual merchandising solutions a well-versed retail display company can offer when their clients have distinct retail display standards.

The Gang’s All Here

New product introductions always have timelines, so a company that offers fully integrated retail display solutions will be well-equipped to tackle any special requests for short lead times.

Dave Loyda, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., explains, “Having all your resources including designers, engineers, estimators, production art, and a full-scale model shop under one roof can offer streamlined communication and the ability to compress lead times.”

Clients reap the advantages of this arrangement when planning their in-store display programs. A team approach to a project means designers and engineers are on the same page when dictating the look and feel of a program. It also means estimators can add expertise to ensure design concepts and material suggestions fit within the retail display standards and budgetary guidelines.

“This combination of services out of one company can reduce program lead times” Loyda says. “It also provides flexibility to make program changes and the ability to make those changes immediately per client direction.”

Product Variety Equals Success

When a display company only works in corrugated material or has engineers who are less familiar with a variety of substrates, clients lose out on valuable options that could reduce costs or shave off production time for their in-store display campaigns.

A larger display manufacturer that works with a variety of materials and vendors will have options to meet specific needs, whether that entails using materials that will hold up better long-term, offering shorter production requirements, or meeting special requests for environmentally-friendly materials.

“Because pricing and availability can fluctuate in specific industries, it’s always helpful when you are able to work with a company that can offer retail display solutions that incorporate multiple materials and possess a vast network of vendors that can produce varied raw materials and products,” Loyda states. “Understanding and working with multiple materials offers innovative and creative answers that maximize cost efficiencies for our clients.”

Pack Them Up and Send Them Out

Sometimes warehousing and distribution details can be overlooked in retail display programs, but these specifics are important to keeping a project on time and organized.

“Companies need to plan how they want to store displays that have staggered launch dates and distribution schedules,” Loyda confirms. “These details are crucial, and your retail display company should be able to help facilitate these arrangements.”

There are many factors to consider when utilizing assembly, warehousing, and distribution services. What is the capacity? Is the facility temperature-controlled? Does it offer surveillance and locked storage? Is it set up for efficient shipping and receiving and inventory management?

These questions and more are critical factors in determining how smoothly a program rolls out. A good assembly and distribution facility will make the logistics of any project easier to meet the retail display standards.


Store display campaigns can have many variables that disrupt timelines or create visual merchandising challenges. However, working with a fully integrated retail display manufacturer can turn headaches into relief when it comes to addressing short lead times and other unique situations.

As a leader in the point of purchase industry, Frank Mayer often provides solutions to client’s unique display needs. Read more about our services and learn about our 200,000-square-foot assembly, production, warehousing, and distribution facility.

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