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Healthcare Kiosks


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From patient check-in systems to payment applications, healthcare kiosk solutions streamline business operations and better serve your patients.

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Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks:
  • Alleviate Wait Times: Healthcare check-in kiosks reduce wait time and allow patients to check in with greater privacy.
  • Easy Payment Options: Copays and bills can easily be paid through a patient self-service kiosk, freeing up counter staff to perform additional tasks or address questions from other patients.
  • Reduce Errors: Patient check-in kiosks allow users to control their entry, ensuring important data are entered correctly.
  • Safer Conditions for Staff: Medical check-in kiosks allow for less human contact with counter staff who are at risk of being exposed to illness.​

Healthcare Kiosk Solutions

Medical kiosks can be used in a variety of applications throughout healthcare facilities.

Featured Medical Kiosk Options

Whether you’re looking to assist in patient registration, offer a secure and convenient option to pay medical bills, or more, self-service solutions are changing the medical landscape.

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Patient Check-In

Emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, dental facilities, senior living, university health centers and more are adding patient check-in and self-service kiosks.

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Medical-Grade Panel PC

Healthcare kiosk solutions can meet medical-grade standards with an anti-microbial finish, temperature monitoring system, and more.

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Wayfinding Kiosks

Replace menu boards or information desks with interactive healthcare wayfinding kiosks and decrease search time at hospitals and clinics.

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Why Frank Mayer?

Why Frank Mayer?

Bring us your ideas. We’ll bring them to life. Your success is our success, so we take great pride in our end-to-end service solutions that simplify your healthcare kiosk programs and ensure they meet every objective on your list.

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