The Tipping Point for Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants

Has self-service technology in restaurants reached the tipping point?

As more and more restaurant chains explore the use of self-order kiosks, the technology may be on the road to widespread acceptance.

With the razor-thin margins seen by most restaurant operators, persuading them to invest thousands or millions of dollars in a new technology can be a difficult task at best and downright impossible at worst. Nowhere is that difficulty more apparent than in the realm of kiosk technology.

But the pace of implementation appears to be picking up steam. Burger chain White Castle has been testing self-order kiosks at several of its restaurants for the past few years. More recently, Wendy’s announced plans to have the devices in 1,000 locations by the end of 2017. And fast-food king McDonald’s said it is going to deploy kiosks in all of its stores next year after testing in 500 restaurants.

These and other deployments could give the needed push for other restaurant chains to adopt the technology. Has self-service technology in restaurants reached the tipping point?

What you will get from this whitepaper:

  • The state of the kiosk market in the restaurant industry
  • What is helping to drive adoption (and what’s hampering it)
  • Pinning down the ROI
  • Up-and-coming applications of kiosks

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