Successfully Navigating the Path to Kiosk Deployment

5 Steps to Make the Process Understandable, Less Complex

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Deploying kiosks – be it a single unit or a fleet – should be intentional, a strategic move that can positively impact all aspects of a business, from the consumer experience to the bottom line.

Self-service kiosks gradually have permeated everyday life, reaching a point these days where the technology no longer intimidates users but seamlessly blends with their routines. We use them to pay for coffee, check in and out of hotels and obtain subway tickets.

The growth trajectory of the kiosk market has skyrocketed in recent years and is predicted to continue growing at a rate of more than 13% annually, with the industry’s value topping $45 billion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insights. Driving that growth, research shows, is unattended retail, or self-service kiosks, that provide information, merchandise and transactions.

While many businesspeople are familiar with kiosks, their functionality and their potential, deploying a kiosk is largely unfamiliar territory. Oftentimes, they are not even sure where to begin.

Incorporating kiosks into the strategic fold is a journey, not an instantaneous action. Learn the five steps to help prospective deployers navigate the path to deployment.

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