5 Steps to Personalizing the In-Store Experience

How are you customizing the in-store experience?

Revamping The In-Store Environment With Merchandising And POP Displays

Facing fierce competition and high operating expenses, today’s retailers must develop new strategies for attracting consumers and building brand recognition. Many are realizing the power of in-store merchandising and interactive kiosks to enhance customer loyalty and create a compelling consumer experience. Like silent salespeople, these visual merchandising techniques can foster brand awareness, impart product knowledge and inspire consumer interaction.

In fact, the way retailers choose to display their goods can have a direct impact on how much merchandise is sold. From merchandisers and floor displays to counter displays and interactive kiosks, creative display types can transform retail real estate into a consumer destination — a space where customers can learn about new products and engage with the brand.

What you will get from this whitepaper:

  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of current in-store displays
  • Research on new display options
  • Success stories
  • Top 10 interview questions for potential display providers
  • A new display strategy

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