FMA Magazine

Winter 2023 | Issue 13

The FMA Magazine Winter 2023 issue includes articles on:

  • Merchandising to Meet Evolving Shopper Demands
    Today’s successful retail display programs educate, interact with, and engage shoppers in ways that meet their unique – and current – expectations. Find out how.
  • Why It’s Time to Invest in Bill Payment Kiosks
    When payment is required for anything from utility bills to tuition fees, bill payment kiosks provide accessibility and convenience to your customers.
  • The Differences Between Outdoor and Indoor Kiosks
    Outdoor digital kiosks have specific requirements for both structure and power sourcing. Here, we detail the features that set them apart from indoor solutions.
  • Key Advantages of Order Entry Kiosks
    Looking to empower consumers while offering optimal customer service? Order entry kiosks allow patrons to submit orders with minimum human interaction. Learn more.

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