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FMA Magazine

Winter 2020 | Issue 6

The FMA Magazine Winter 2020 issue includes articles on:

  • The Role of Retail Displays During the Pandemic and Beyond
    Not only are retail displays playing a crucial role during the pandemic, but this period will also influence merchandising display design going forward.
  • Workplace Temperature Kiosks Help Businesses Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19
    Employers should include workplace temperature screening kiosks as part of onsite safety protocols to prevent COVID-19 spread. Learn why.
  • Can Self-Service Kiosks Offer Support in Today‚Äôs Retail Conditions?
    As the retail industry slowly regroups, self-service kiosks can offer the safety and customer experience shoppers currently desire.
  • Common Challenges When Planning a Visual Merchandising Campaign (And Their Solutions): Short Lead Times and Other Special Circumstances
    The fourth and final installment of our series addresses short lead times and other special circumstances that arise when planning merchandising programs.

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