FMA Magazine

Spring 2024 | Issue 15

The FMA Magazine Spring 2024 issue includes articles on:

  • Do Self-Service Kiosks Eliminate Jobs?
    They've been accused of everything from stealing jobs to diminishing human interaction. But, more and more businesses find kiosks are addressing labor shortages and redelegating employees to more customer-serving tasks.
  • Designing Store Displays to Stand Out at Retail
    Discover the art of creating impactful retail displays that captivate customers, enhance product visibility, and elevate brand presence.
  • The Importance of Site Surveys
    Site surveys streamline kiosk and display deployments. Learn why they're critical to supporting an efficient installation process in the field.
  • Why Are Outdoor Kiosks More Expensive?
    Robust materials and hardware, HVAC systems, and outdoor-rated touchscreens can add cost to outdoor kiosk programs, but they ensure the best operating experience in the elements.

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