The Future of Car Kiosks

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Katie Kochelek
man holding out his hand with illustrations of cars glowing over it

The Future of Car Kiosks

3 minutes
Katie Kochelek
man holding out his hand with illustrations of cars glowing over it

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated to reflect the most current industry news.

The car buying method has changed immensely. Customers no longer refer to glossy brochures, instead preferring an internet search to visit a car brand’s homepage and find a nearby dealer. With digital sales tools, car buyers come to a dealership armed with more insight than before.

But how can car brands capitalize on the modern-day consumer’s demand for convenience and immediate information while also fulfilling their need to see and experience their product?

With more business verticals adopting self-service technologies to meet customer desires, the car industry can also utilize these same systems to allow buyers to seamlessly move between digital capacities and the showroom floor.

Offering car kiosks in the dealership and service areas can help put the customer in charge of his or her experience.

Car Kiosks for Service Departments

There are numerous advantages automotive kiosks provide to both brands and dealerships. For one, service departments could specifically benefit from auto self-service.

Imagine customers who need a simple service like an oil change. Instead of employing labor to man a reception desk, customers can quickly drop-off their automobile at the car bay and leave with the help of a kiosk.

Software can let them sign in, choose their appointment time, and walk away with a key to a loaner car. The whole process can be done without needing to wait for customer service, and dealerships can redeploy counter staff to other tasks.

Auto Kiosks to Promote Latest Models

Service-related kiosks would provide specific perks to hurried car owners, but a kiosk with the latest promotions and products would also be an enticing beacon to customers waiting for their tune up in the service lobby.

Offering a brand kiosk in this area can showcase the latest models and advertise lease deals and savings.

Additionally, showcasing interactive features, customization options, and product recommendations would help car makers entice brand loyalists to check out the latest car models or after-market additions available.

Self-Service as a Sales Tool

Showroom kiosks fit in seamlessly on the dealership floor as an added sales tool, as well.

Currently, customers can build customized cars online. They spend time picking out tires, choosing a color, deciding on a sunroof, and grappling with the idea of splurging for the satellite radio subscription.

Offer them the convenience of walking into a showroom, finding a car kiosk, and logging into their account to pull up their saved customizations. Customers can then flag down a sales associate to help make their vision a reality by referencing the car on the screen.


The infinite possibilities for car brands to not only grab buyer attention online, but to carry the excitement and transparency through to a showroom floor is the future of car buying. And in the middle of it all, self-service automotive kiosks will be an essential component in these plans.

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