Key Advantages of Order Entry Kiosks

3 minutes
Cheryl Lesniak
Order entry kiosk in a restaurant

Key Advantages of Order Entry Kiosks

3 minutes
Cheryl Lesniak
Order entry kiosk in a restaurant

Looking to empower consumers while still offering optimal customer service? Order entry kiosks allow patrons to submit their own orders with minimum to no human interaction. Self-service kiosk solutions became particularly crucial during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and remain so today.

Currently, it’s common to find ordering kiosks at places like quick-service restaurants (QSRs), stadiums, retail locations, and even dispensaries. These digital kiosks do more than just take orders. They aid in productivity, upgrade the customer experience, and save businesses money.

Filling the Labor Gap

With recent labor shortages, order entry systems are becoming an ideal solution to keep businesses running efficiently, while still providing customers with the level of service they expect.

Offering ordering kiosks alongside traditional ordering methods allows for shorter lines and wait times for customers. That’s because they can process additional orders without needing to increase employee placement at the front-end.

Customers have more options for how they choose to order, meanwhile employees are better able to use their time and talents elsewhere, leading to increased productivity, particularly in order-fulfillment. This cuts down on customer wait times even further, getting the product into consumers’ hands faster and enhancing the overall customer experience.

By implementing order entry kiosks, locations are also cutting down on costs, since businesses can operate at equal or greater efficiency with fewer employees on hand.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

In the QSR space, customer order sizes have been shown to increase by as much as 30% when using ordering kiosks.

Upselling plays a large part in this, especially since customers feel more comfortable opting for a larger size or meal when compared to in-person ordering where fear of judgement influences purchase decisions.

QSRs aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from this type of upselling. For instance, in the transportation industry, order entry kiosks prompt passengers to upgrade their seating by displaying the additional amenities an upgrade would provide. In hospitality, a hotel might suggest a larger room with a view for a small price increase.

Order entry kiosks also employ cross-selling by suggesting customers add complementary items to their existing orders or by suggesting other popular items. In fact, order kiosks won’t forget to recommend adding $0.99 worth of avocado to a taco salad or proposing a dessert when customers go to check out.

Order Accuracy

Self-order kiosks are often recognized for improving order accuracy.

When placing an order with an associate, there’s a risk the person could mishear the order, enter the wrong information, or forget an item.

When ordering at a kiosk, customers can view their shopping cart and verify the items, quantities, and modifications are correct. In the end, receiving the correct order will lead to happier patrons who have a better customer experience.


Order entry kiosks provide consumers with a contactless way to order goods, while providing businesses with a solution to the labor gap. In addition, not only do they improve accuracy, but can lead to increased order quantity, therefore increasing consumer spending and boosting company sales.

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