Temperature Screening Kiosks for Assisted Living Centers

Maintain a safe facility with health screening temperature kiosks

Protect residents and staff from exposure to serious viruses like COVID-19 by screening all visitors with a Health Screening and Temperature Kiosk.

Mitigate potential health risks to your senior living community.

Our Health Screening and Temperature Kiosk monitors visitors and staff for potential health concerns using the following:

  • Sophisticated temperature sensor technology
  • Customizable health compliance questions
  • Remote management system
  • Secure record of compliance traceability
  • Contactless hand sanitizer

Temperature kiosks benefit assisted living centers and nursing homes

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Monitor visitor and staff temperatures using safe measures like contactless approach and a hand sanitizing feature.

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All kiosk sessions are logged in real-time, meaning centers receive immediate data regarding employee or visitor health.

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The kiosk’s sophisticated temperature sensing technology is accurate within a half degree Fahrenheit.



Automating the screening process with a kiosk drastically reduces the costs of paying a dedicated temperature checker.

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