Home Improvement Self-Service Kiosks

Home Improvement Self-Service Kiosk


DIY home improvement just got easier with self-service kiosks.

Change the way your home improvement or hardware store customer shops by offering a self-service tool to discover the right paint type, determine a correct amount, and find the accessories to complete the task.

Capabilities of a hardware store self-service kiosk include:

  • Wayfinding to a product or department
  • Online ordering for specialty products
  • Scheduling services
  • Augmented reality to visualize a project

Learn how you can enhance your customers' experience with a self-service kiosk program.


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Create Their Vision

With software built for your products, you can guide customers to the correct style, size, or quantity they will need for their project.


Simplify the Store

Don't let customers walk away because they couldn't find something. Wayfinding features can tell customers where to find their new tool - down to the shelf.


Make It Worth It

We don't just talk the talk: we simplified an ROI calculator so you can see just what the impact of a kiosk program would be on your store.


Get your kiosk questions answered

We have experts standing by to answer your questions about self-service kiosks.



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