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Yes, color options are available as well as personalized branding

120V AC

The Approach kiosk does not support cash payments.  The kiosk uses an Ingenico IUC 285 all-in-one standalone module for transactions.  This is meant for unattended kiosk applications and accepts mag-stripe, EMV (chip) and contactless payments.

In addition to operating within quick service and fast casual restaurants, Approach also offers functionality for a variety of other markets including wayfinding, product selection, self-service checkout, cannabis dispensary, and registration check-in. The possibilities are endless.

Short answer: Yes

Longer answer: Absolutely. Self-order kiosks for cannabis dispensaries target the unique needs of the industry. By shortening wait times and acting as a virtual budtender, you can get more people through your dispensary without sacrificing service.

Yes, the kiosk is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for height and reach.  In addition, it also features a tactile keypad (Storm Interface NAV Bar) and audio jack that improves accessibility, making audio navigation and selection of screen based menus possible for those with impaired vision, restricted mobility or limited fine motor skills.  This feature set is necessary to achieve full ADA compliance.

Service plans are available and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Pricing available upon request.

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