Meeting the demands for shorter wait times, customer convenience, and order accuracy.

A self-service kiosk designed to meet the specific needs of quick service restaurants, fast casual establishments, and other retailers, Approach 32 delivers an interactive experience that offers convenience and order process efficiency to both customers and store employees.

The enclosure marries smart design with a small footprint, offering an array of customization options and brand personalization options – all while being backed by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s trusted name in delivering experience and unsurpassed quality in the interactive kiosk market.

Product Features

  • Dimensions | 72.5” tall; 24” wide; and 22” deep; weighs 150 pounds
  • Monitor | 32” Touchscreen, Elo 3243L TouchProTM PCAP
  • PC | Actineon Siilent 8LP, J1900 Celeron processor, 128GB solid state hard drive, 4GB RAM, 6 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, Win 10
  • Payment Terminal | Ingenico IUC 285 All-in-One standalone module for self-service business, NFC/contactless, EMV, and magstripe
  • Barcode Reader | Code CR100 Barcode Reader; high speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D, Post bar codes and OCR; dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit; reads barcode reliably off cell phone screens.
  • Printer | Zebra KR403 thermal receipt printer, 80 mm paper width, 6” diameter paper roll, media sensor
  • Assistive Technology | Storm Interface Nav-BarTM and Audio Module
  • Software | Software package available to integrate with POS system
  • Customization | Magnetic graphic overlays can be updated with company branding
  • Warranty options available

Product Benefits

Self-service ordering kiosks offer a variety of benefits.

  • Patrons can customize and pay for their own orders without relying on a sales associate to complete the transaction.
  • Shifting to a customer-centric purchasing process frees employees to focus on preparation-related duties to increase service speed and accuracy.
  • Predictive technology in self-service kiosk software can suggest additional items a customer may enjoy, which leads to upselling. Studies show the average order total at a self-service kiosk is 15 to 20 percent higher than a traditional counter transaction.
  • According to Kiosk Marketplace, “64 percent of companies rate providing a great customer experience as the best tactic for improving customer lifetime value.”*
  • The Approach can be utilized in a variety of industries. Cannabis dispensaries, retailers, hospitality, QSR/fast casual, automotive, and gaming environments can all benefit from the check-out, loyalty, wayfinding, or educational tools a self-service kiosk provides.

*Kiosk Marketplace (2017, Nov. 30). [INFOGRAPHIC] Self-service kiosks offer QSR growth opportunities. https://www.kioskmarketplace.com/whitepapers/infographic-2/