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Approach self-ordering kiosks deliver an interactive experience to industries including QSR/fast casual restaurants, cannabis dispensaries, retail, hospitality, automotive, home improvement, grocery stores and more.

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Benefits of self-service ordering kiosks

Why self-service ordering kiosks?

Invest in consumer satisfaction and realize the advantages of improved sales and brand loyalty.

  • Reduced checkout times as patrons customize and pay for their own orders or self check-in.
  • A shift to a customer-centric purchasing process, freeing employees to focus on preparation-related duties to increase service speed and accuracy.
  • An average order total of 15 to 20 percent more than a traditional counter transaction.
  • A solution for multiple industries to meet customer demands and extend personalized experiences.

"64 percent of companies rate providing a great customer experience as the best tactic for improving customer lifetime value."

- Kiosk Marketplace


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Kiosk options that fit your environment

Approach 32 kiosk


A self-service kiosk designed to meet the specific needs of quick service restaurants, fast casual establishments, and other retailers, Approach 32 delivers an interactive experience that offers convenience and order process efficiency to both customers and store employees.

The enclosure marries smart design with a small footprint, offering an array of customization options and brand personalization options.

Approach 32 Specs

Approach 32 kiosk

32" touchscreen

Approach 22 kiosk

22" touchscreen

Approach 22 kiosk


Approach22 delivers the same impressive interactive experience as its Approach32 counterpart, but utilizes a smaller footprint to grant convenience and order process efficiency to quick service restaurants, fast casual establishments with less available traffic area, and a variety of other industries.

An array of customization options are offered to fit each client's needs.

Approach 22 Specs

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