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Interactive lighting displays aim to educate consumers

Informing the consumer on GE’s advanced LED technology of energy-efficient LED, halogen, high definition, and vintage lighting is a key component.  The at-retail displays aid customers in the decision-making process to identify the type of bulb recommended for their needs and position GE as the premium lighting brand while simplifying the consumer shopping experience.

Multiple lighting display programs found in stores across the country

Each  program features illuminated front graphic areas that allow a customer to test the color and quality of the brand’s different bulbs in a variety of home and light settings.  These in-aisle displays have been placed in major mass merchants and hardware stores nationwide.

GE Lighting Display
GE Grow Light

The various GE merchandising display programs

Programs for the lighting brand have included:

  • An end cap featuring LED and halogen lighting that showcased the quality of lighting with a dimmer switch (Reveal, Soft White, and Daylight) in three cabinets
  • A comparator display to showcase GE Lighting’s High Definition light for three key products
  • A counter version to educate customers on the advantages of the company’s Bright Stik general purpose bulb
  • A decorative display program to promote GE’s line of vintage light bulbs, featuring a push button and dimmer switch to allow the customer to control the light intensity
  • An LED light display designed to fit a specific plant’s growth stage (from seeds to flowering), while providing light and cutting down on energy costs

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