Contactless Temperature Kiosk

The best temperature screening kiosk for touch-free monitoring, our Contactless Temperature Kiosk quickly checks body temperatures using an infrared sensor on the wrist.

Customized with a contactless ID reader and wrist scan, the temperature kiosk is an efficient way to screen groups of people quickly and in a safe manner.


Kiosk Features

The kiosk offers a contactless ID reader with rapid pass/fail results to reduce wait times in high traffic environments.  A more comprehensive screening using customizable questions regarding health symptoms can be applied at no additional cost.

Temperature sensing technology measures body temperature through the wrist and is accurate within a half degree Fahrenheit.

Text or email alerts are immediately sent to designated individuals regarding health screening and temperature data.

Answers to screening questions and temperature readings are recorded using nondescript user identification.

Using the Kiosk

The Screening Process

An employee or visitor is greeted by a welcome screen and instructed to either answer compliance questions or scan their ID for a wrist temperature scan.1
If temperature is normal and health questions are compliant, the screen turns green and alerts the user that he or she has passed.2
If a person is noncompliant, a message appears asking the employee to step aside and wait for a second verification.3
Text or email alerts are immediately sent to designated individuals regarding health screening and temperature data.4

Want to see it in action? Click here to watch a short video.

Kiosk Features
Contactless Kiosk Kiosk Contactless Kiosk Kiosk
Temperature SensorWrist Only Interactive Screen10.1 HD Touch Customizable ScreensScreens that complement your brand or business



Width: 13"

Depth: 13"

Height: 50"

Badge Reader

Barcode Scanner

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Our health screening and contactless temperature kiosk monitors employees and visitors with a pass fail temperature sensor.

The Wi-Fi enabled system allows for easy access to employee data at a centralized or remote location and provides a secure record of compliance traceability.

Kiosk can be used for temperature screening from wrist and requires no contact.

Frequently Asked Questions
$1,950 and includes one year of software

If an employee is flagged for a screening question or reports a temperature above normal, the system can send unlimited alerts or text messages to different individuals in the company. For instance, an HR manager might get a text for non-compliant screening answers, and a nurse could be alerted about a high temperature to conduct a secondary verification.

Yes, the Wrist Temperature Kiosk can be customized with magnetic graphics as well as optional badge reader and barcode scanner components.

The sensor is medical grade and complies with ASTM standard section 5.4 (Designation: E1965 (Re-approved 2009)) – Standard specification for Infrared Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature. The sensor maintains an accuracy of +/-0.2 degrees Celsius (+/-0.5 degrees Fahrenheit), within normal body temperature ranges, with a small Field of View.

Yes, however the individual must scan an ID card for a contactless temperature scan only. By scanning the ID card the kiosk can be customized to go right to a temperature scan.

Software is included at a low-cost annual fee with the first year included in the initial price.

Yes, demos can be done online to show full functionality of the kiosk.  In-person demos can also be arranged.

Our kiosk is made in the USA.

Temperature screening kiosks are ideal for many industries including, but not limited to, senior living, manufacturing, schools, colleges, healthcare, hospitals, grocery, and more.

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