Interactive Kiosks

Engage with customers and add a new dimension to the in-store shopping experience.

Kiosks are powerful tools to connect your brand to your customers.

Self-service kiosks enhance the shopping experience, increase brand awareness, provide product education, and promote customer loyalty programs.

Three Amazon kiosk displays for package pick-up

User-friendly solutions as unique as your business

From standard kiosks to custom programs, we meet (and surpass) your objectives.

Dad and child using a gaming center kiosk

Helix-Leisure USA teamed up with Frank Mayer and Associates to produce game card kiosks for entertainment sites.

Store Kiosk
Bridal Registry

Bridal registry stations and kiosk bars modernized the wedding registry program at Belk, Inc.

Custom Pet Tag Display
I.D. Spot Display

Pet owners create custom-engraved tags for their furry friends using Hillman Group’s I.D. Spot kiosk.

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