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ITI DMV Self-Service Kiosks


Self-service solutions for motor vehicle transactions

Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) develops self-service kiosks for DMV branches with systems capable of processing a variety of essential tasks unique to its industry.

The self-service kiosks can process the following:

  • Vehicle registration renewal certificates and decals
  • Duplicate vehicle registration certificates and decals
  • Driver license renewals
  • Driver history records
  • Insurance reinstatements
  • Motor Carrier International Registration Plan (IRP) and IFTA payments
Learn how self-service kiosks in Michigan are improving and evolving for the good to meet the DMV needs of the residents.
ITI DMV Self-Service Kiosks
ITI DMV Self-Service Kiosk

Benefits of motor vehicle self-service kiosks

Not only do they decrease wait times and improve employee satisfaction, but customers can access them at non-DMV sites for more convenient hours and locations.  Watch this video to see how California is changing the consumer DMV experience.

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